Sunday, October 28, 2007

A month of playing. What can I say? (2) - Custom formations

The month has gone since I played FIFA'08 for the first time and the time has come to analyse whether some of my hopes and wishes were fulfilled or not.

Custom Formations feature was something great for me. Design your own unique strategy to create the perfect formation and tactics. Set each player’s exact position in the formation, and assign specific attacking and defensive runs to unlock the opposition, they said and I imagined that I'd be able to play with 4 forwards or to make my side forwards to become midfielders when defending.

And I really got some awesome opportunities, but some limitations remained. For example, I couldn't place more than 7 defenders in one formation.
However, this problem was wider discussed here. Today I want to talk about one more disadvantage (at least in PC version) of the Custom Formations, which is really irritating not only for me, I know.

When You make Your own formations of the team and go to Manager mode, forget about any improvements of Your lines. They simply are not allowed! You can buy and sell players, climb to the stronger league but Your strategy options are restricted to the situation which was before You'd chosen the team...

What is more, there is very short list of default formations for Your team
in FIFA'08. That's the way how the word "custom" becomes an antonym to the word "creation"

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