Friday, October 5, 2007

International selection and deflection in FIFA 08

There is one more great feature in the FIFA 08. You can feel like a real couch and manage Your international teams in the international selections option. For example, if You don't like Ronaldinho, You can throw him away (it's a misguided example, isn't it?) from Brazilian national team and choose another player from more than thousand Brazilian footballers. Or, if You'd love to, You can return Figo to Portugal national team. And maybe another Portuguese player from more than two hundred.

However, international selections, as almost everything, has a feature to disappoint You. First of all, You can choose a team only from about 40 national teams while FIFA associates five times more football federations. What is more, somehow You can't put some players to the team, as, for instance, Romario...The Ro-Ro (Romario and Ronaldo) attacking combo can't be restored even in video game.

On the other side, we still have Ronaldinho. Let's watch some skill moves he can do, made by Hoesrr.

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