Saturday, October 27, 2007

A month of playing. What can I say? (1) - Manager mode

The month has gone since I played FIFA'08 for the first time and the time has come to analyse whether some of my hopes and wishes were fulfilled or not.

First of all, I want to observe Manager Mode Improvements. The creators had promised:

1)new features include pre-season friendlies to test your team before a campaign

Hm...pre-season friendlies was new and interesting feature. However, what if do not want to play 4 pre-season games? If I want only one or even no one, cause I've been playing with the same team for the third season and just want to start playing new season ASAP? I'm left with my own troubles, then. Yes, a gamer can choose less games then four, but, for example in Spanish league, he/she loses a chance to get new players, cause the traffic season is being organised during friendly matches time...

2)new training options to hone your squad of players and dynamic board expectations that change depending on your successes … or failures

Sometimes it is great. You go to Your manager office, open the calendar and set some trainings. Sometimes one or two of Your players even gain some skills through training. However, almost always a major part of the team gets tired and then not only play worse but also the possibility of injures increases...

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