Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My new FIFA 2008. What have we got?

STOP! What a history of the past? A new history has stared started! I got my FIFA 08! Unfortunately, I had not much time to play and explore new features but I already have some comments. I have played only two kick-offs with MU and tried two new features: Be A Pro (when You choose one player to play) and Zone Play (when You choose one or more lines of formation to play). That was interesting, however, as I had worried, it is difficult, a little bit boring and unusual not to be able to control the whole team. What is more, I didn't like one more thing. No matter what position your selected player is playing in, with pressing E you can control the keeper. A little bit unfair, isn't it?

I explored some more sad details. Anyway, it is only a few notes as for the first time. And now You can watch my first goal in FIFA 08 scored by Tevez:

PS. When it comes to FIFA games history, I promise to write it whole someday if You want.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I do think those be a pro and other model has to be very improved. Now they just add boring to the game

Blogger said...

Then you probably need MORE COINS!
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