Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Some more hopes about FIFA 2008

The days are dying and the F-day is getting closer and closer. Everyone of us is waiting not only the new game. We hope that some little mismatches are eliminated. So I read what EA Sports promises and just thought of it.

Enhanced AI — New defensive and positioning logic requires greater tactical expertise to break down the opposition. New AI ensures players are in the right place at the right time. Player and team traits differentiate the stars, says EA Sports.

As the AI had been improved, I hope I'll have to say goodbye to that trick which almost always guarantied a goal in FIFA'07, no matter on which level I'd been playing. I'm talking about the situation when you get the ball with a side midfielder or forward and run straight to the end line and than turn square to the goal. There are no defenders that could stop you running like that in the FIFA'07. I 'd like there would be a few in 08.

Manager Mode Improvements – New features include pre-season friendlies to test your team before a campaign, new training options to hone your squad of players and dynamic board expectations that change depending on your successes … or failures, promise creators.

Wonderful, I reflect, but have some more desires concerned with Manager mode.
In FIFA version of 2007, if you manage a poor team, for example, a club from the fourth division of England, don't be naive and don't let yourself even dream that someday, when you get in the Premier League, you will be able to choose from the greatest sponsors. If the team you've got is poor, you can virtually increase your budget only by building bigger stadium. I think it's unfair and waiting for the look to the new Manager Mode version in FIFA 2008.


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