Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The F-day is coming but demo is not the thing we need

The real day of releasing FIFA' 08 has been revealed yet. It will be September or November, depending on the region, they say (I put the exact dates on the bottom of this post but I don't claim they won't change). If you want you can already try DEMO on your PC. Demos on Xbox360 and PS3 will be able from tomorrow.

However, personally me don't like demos. They are too short, too little and just make me nervous. I want the game, the large number of great teams and thousands of familiar players, not the match between two teams which the EA sports have chosen. It's a kind of marketing and making money, I know. But it's unfair. Do you agree with me?

The only significant demo of FIFA soccer was released in the year 2000. The new version of the game had the new version of using buttons. Pushing Shift + A or S or D, etc. had lost that magic power to trick the opponent as it was in FIFA'99 . Therefore the demo was very useful for me because I learned the experience of playing FIFA had changed.

After FIFA 2000 the only essential thing players could notice in the demo was graphics. Yes, graphics is important, but the game experience is vital.

And what do you think about demos?


For PC, PS2, Xbox360, PSP, NDS and Wii:

  • Australia - September 27
  • European Union - September 28
  • USA - October 9
For PS3:

  • Australia - September 27
  • European Union - September 28
  • USA - October 16

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