Saturday, October 13, 2007

Manager mode. What is your way?

Manager mode is one of the most essential things in FIFA series because it ties You to the game and makes You play over and over again and than come back and play again. I think manager mode takes about 80 or even more percent of my playing FIFA and I guess I'm not the only one who spends so much time on that.

However, there are different strategies of playing manager mode. The most opposing ones are:

1)You take a team-Cinderella (from the last league and almost without budget) and grow it up to the Princess (champion of national league and cup and European tournaments leader).

2)You take a well-known (perhaps yours favorite) club, buy a few your beloved players and struggle to survive pursuing everything the board of the club requires.

There are a lot of in-between variants of playing manager mode, but every strategy has more or less features of those two just mentioned.

Me, for example, took a team of Hereford from the fourth English league (officially - Football League Two) last year in FIFA'07 and brought to the "Cinderella" in four seasons. However, then I got bored of the same country, same opponents and same players of my team.

Therefore, this year I've taken a team of Las Palmas from the Spanish Segunda. It should take only two years while I'd be able to play in European tournaments, I hope.

And what is Your choice and Your favorite strategy?Do you like teams-Cinderellas or teams-whales?

I want to illustrate my journey with Hereford in FIFA'07 by one of my forwards S.Fleetwood who had only 56 OVR when I started with that team, and after three seasons had 71. As the player growth predicted, he would have gain 72 of fourth seasons but I simply hadn't enough patience...

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