Monday, October 22, 2007


And the day has come! Now we will launch the first voting for our competitors in the first FIFA BEST EPISODES TOP 3.

The voting is expired. Look for newer voting.

Björn Olsson was the first who provide his clips so first four episodes:

1) Rooney scores - difficult angle

2)Rooney free kick

3)Scott Carson (goalkeeper) scores

4)Cristiano Ronaldo goal

Florentherzog participates with two episodes from FIFA PS3 version:

5)Nasri goal

6)Del Piero goal

James F. sent me three goals by email and wrote this style of shooting he likes most but I can choose one of the clips cause they're so similar. So I've chosen this one:

7)Pirlo goal

And I also couldn't miss the chance to participate in the first FIFA 08 top like this

8) The keeper holds the penalty

The results will be summed up and the TOP3 will be published on next Monday. Everybody who have great videos from their FIFA 08, post link to them here in comments or send me a link or the clip itself to .

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