Monday, October 15, 2007

North America likes FIFA 08

As I've mentioned last week, it is very interesting how FIFA'08 appearance in North America have changed the game's sales results. So now, thanks to video games blogger, we can analyze the stats of the online sales and compare week 40 and week 41.

Nintendo Wii players in North Amercia didn't put FIFA'08 in tops and in Europe this game version got third place while it had been first last week.

EA Sports should say thanks to Xbox 360 players in America, cause they've bought enough copies to put FIFA Soccer 08 in the third place there. Europe gave FIFA third place too (second place a week before).

However, thanks a lot should be said to PlayStation players in both continents. FIFA Soccer version for PS3 debuted in the first place in North Amercia and got second one in Europe (first place last week).

A version for PS2 won first place on both sides of the Atlantic. It remained the most popular game in Europe for PS2 for the second week. There are some FIFA'08 fans among Playstation Portable players too. But the most of them live in Europe because this kind of FIFA was in tops only here - it got the same second place in week 40 and week 41.

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