Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some tips about saving FIFA 08 replies

Today I'd like to share with You some tips about saving Your best episodes in FIFA'08:

1)Although the ability to export game's episodes in format which lets You to watch the clips on casual video players is great, this feature isn't perfect yet. The quality of the exported clips can be described only as semi-satisfying and it will be a compliment. However, You can improve the quality by going to MY FIFA - GAME SETTINGS - SYSTEM and adjusting the options there. Pay maximum attention to Output Video Resolution and Output Video Quality. Here we have my visual example way:

Both low

Both medium

Both high

Keep experimenting with these two and other options by Yourself, but have in mind that low quality doesn't recompense high resolution and vice versa:)

2)This one could look too simple but I should say that I lost some of my great moments just because I hadn't think of it. When saving, be sure that the end of Your episode is before the cursor in the saving bar - don't rewind it to the beginning of the episode. I'd saved a few of my first beautiful episodes in this style and when I wanted to watch them, I saw only the scene how my guys rejoice the goal. Only then I noticed that the most important thing is that blue line.

3)When You are watching Your recorded clips, You can choose the point of viewing. For example, if You want to see only how the goalkeeper behaves in the episodes above, You can focus only on him. You can save Your clips with different angle of viewing too - just select it before exporting.

4)And the last tip - once saved Your episodes don't boast and take part in the top FIFA'08 episodes contest:)


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