Thursday, November 1, 2007

Poll results: which FIFA is better?

The poll table had been hanging on the top of this page about a month. 104 voters declared their opinion and now we have heavyweight conclusion about Fifa'08, I think.

Almost three quarters claim FIFA'08 is the best. 14 of them remember FIFA'07 with nostalgia and only two think of FIFA '06 as the best member of FIFA series. Four voters are angry with the EA cause it's products for football are, in their opinion, getting worse for many years.

What the conclusions could be? First of all, to my mind, a rule the newer - the better played it's role. And it is rather logical. More new features and better graphics and better movement of players and so on couldn't make FIFA fans unsatisfied.

However, a quarter of voters liked previous products more than the new one and it is a serious signal for creators that not everything is perfect (I wrote about it a little here and here and in older posts. What is more, I'll write about it in the feature too). Imagine that somebody had bought FIFA'08 because he/she loved FIFA'07 and was disappointed in it. There will be a little miracle if he/she still buy FIFA'09. (mmm...maybe next generation FIFA would be far more attractive?...)

On the other hand, it is obvious that in spite of some criticism, the majority of gamers like new FIFA'08 version. And if it is so, no arguments are required.

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