Monday, November 19, 2007

New winners! Congratulations!

Finally , the second voting for FIFA'08 best episodes TOP3 has finished.

And here we have the winners....

3 place. Zhenia and his clip, which got the 4th number, now gets the third place and like those in higher places will participate in the next top.

2 place. 7th start position, 7 votes and Wepeeler with his "Goal of the Month October" gets the second place.

1 place.Florentherzog and his "Del Piero goal" won second time in turn! (One more time and will begin to believe it's the best goal scored in FIFA'08 ever...:)

The new contest will be announced soon and You can participate in it by sending Your clips or links to them to or pasting their links here in comments.

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