Friday, November 9, 2007

More than a month of playing. What can I say? (3) - Enchanced AI

More than a month has gone since I played FIFA'08 for the first time and the time has come to analyse whether some of my hopes and wishes were fulfilled or not.

Here I am again after a week of holidays. Let's analyze the improvement of Artificial Intelligence in FIFA'08 (if it was improved, of course).

Enhanced AI — New defensive and positioning logic requires greater tactical expertise to break down the opposition. New AI ensures players are in the right place at the right time. Player and team traits differentiate the stars,
EA Sports claimed before releasing the game. And what shows the experience?

The AI had been improved, in fact. My wish of no
guaranteed situations to score became true, at least I hadn't discovered them. In this FIFA version finally I am not able to get the ball with a side midfielder or forward and run straight to the end line and then turn square to the goal and then just beat the keeper, like in FIFA'07. I haven't even found some particular points from which one can score every time if he doesn't fail with the strength yet!

However, to say the truth, I'm a little bit afraid that didn't happen because I usually play on 3th or 4th level. "Where does this fear come from?" One can ask. And I'll answer. I played one match on Amateur level recently. And won 8-0 in first game. But this fact doesn't show that I'm a great FIFA'08 gamer (unfortunately for me). It was just because You can run straight, turn left or right in front of defenders
a few times and then kick the boal. 50 percent at least that it will be a goal...

On the other hand, that trick with running straight to the end line succeeded almost every time in FIFA'07, no matter of the level...

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