Monday, January 14, 2008

More tips: player morale, match experience, young talents

Dear Z. Rishinho,

thank You for the great comment on the my tips for manager mode. Sorry that I didn't answer You in comments area but You've raised some points which are worth to be mentioned in a separate post.

One thing I learnt quickly was that investing in young players is great, especially for a side like AC Milan, who's pretty much OAP's, wrote Z. Rishinho.

I agree with You, but also want to emphasize that my experience shows to search new talents by scout is more useful in many cases. Those guys somehow have better abilities than those from Your's club academy.

Another interesting point you'd might want to talk about is match experience(which I understand), and how it relates to earning points/attributes (which I don't understand), suggests the commentator.

Match xp...So, as I understand, You know that the better the footballer play, the more xp points he gets in the ends. It also depends on the time spent on square. For example, a player had played three approximately normal matches and gained, for example, 10 points. Now You can bring him on the bench but he will still have those 10 points. Then, if You let him to play longer than just to run across the stadium, he will earn some more points. One day, after the whole this crusade, he will gain 100 xp points and his OVR will be heightened.

It is interesting that the OVR are risen
altogether and here is my thoughts why. I think it depends on the player's position. Defender and forward can have the same OVR, but defender will be better in tackling, as well as forward will be better in dribbling.

The formula how different abilities sums the OVR, I guess, also depends on the player style - those icons with 10 numbered shirt, hands grabbing the ball. etc. For example, if a player is an attacking winger (an icon with running leg) who is very fast and have an amazing dribbling, perhaps at first these abilities will be heightened by xp points.

Maybe there are some more advantages with match experience in game modes like Co-op seasons but I don't play them (I've a few times already stated my opinion about playing with one footballer)

Also, what do you think is the best way to improve player morale?I've noticed changing the squad round, making so many substitutes isn't a good thing.Getting players into the team of the month? That's amazingly good.

Talking about this point I can't exclude the fact that attributes of some players (for example Sneijder) are heightened when they are taken from the positions where they got used to play (in Sneijder's case position - CM, normal rating 86) to others (Sneijer - for example in CAM his OVR is 90). However, these are only the numbers. Maybe they gain some temporary improvements but they lose the position where they fit the most.

p.s. I'm very happy that EA mistake with Alexandre Pato has helped You so much. On the other hand, I understand the creators: one scenario is they just didn't want to bother writing a programme for only one player, the other scenario - they just hadn't plan Ancelloti's human factor.

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