Saturday, December 22, 2007

FIFA 08 is still in gamers' hearts

Although almost three months from the first FIFA'08 release have passed, this game still sinks in high popularity. It is even still in some selling top-fives! And my poll which had got 129 Your votes, shows FIFA amuses most of You perfectly. 103 (79 %) of poll participants declared they "of course" still play this year version of FIFA. The second in popularity rank was an answer which said "I'm already waiting for FIFA'09". It gained 12 of Your voices (9%).

The army of FIFA lovers may widen cause 6 persons (4%) stated they were looking forward to buy their copies of the '08 (or maybe they'd like to find a copy under Christmas tree?).

8 voters, however, are unhappy with FIFA'08. 5 of them (3%) think it is boring and 3 (2%) do not like FIFA "as a race". (if You do not see clearly, click on the table)

What the conclusions could be drawn analyzing the results? First of all, of course here we have a little trick, cause if people come to the site about FIFA'08, they perhaps are acquainted with the game and have their own opinion about it. What is more, probably the majority of us search in the internet the things we like, not the things we hate.

On the other hand, almost the tenth of voters are already waiting for the next year version of FIFA, so there is a great possibility they are not satisfied with the game or it made them satisfied for a very short time. Therefore FIFA'09 creators should try to extend the term to keep gamers satisfied leastwise till Christmas.

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